There is a wide variety of dishes available at the Hineno Golf Club restaurant. Please enjoy a hearty meal, which you have the option of choosing from our ¥500-or-less selection.

As alcohol is also available, please enjoy your relaxing time with your friends.

Alcohol served:

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.



Noodle Dishes
Udon/Soba ¥400
Kitsune ¥450
Tanuki ¥450
Tsukimi Udon/Soba ¥450
Tamago Udon/Soba ¥450
Wakame Udon/Soba ¥450
Curry Udon/Soba ¥500
Niku Udon/Soba ¥500
Niku-tama Udon/Soba ¥550
Yaki Udon ¥550
Yaki Udon Dai (large) ¥650
Hiyashi Udon/Soba (summer only) ¥400
Rice Dishes
Oyako Don ¥550
Tanin Don ¥550
Tamago Don ¥500
Curry Rice ¥550
Curry Rice Ōmori (large) ¥650
Teishoku (Udon/Soba or 3-Piece Oden or Rice) ¥800
2-Piece Onigiri (Ume or Katsuo) ¥200
Rice Shō (small) ¥150
Rice Dai (large) ¥200
3-Piece Oden ¥300
Miso Shiru ¥150
Oronamin C ¥150
Pocari Sweat ¥200
Cola ¥200
Beer (tyubin / middle bottle) ¥500
Can of Beer ¥350
Sake ¥400
Chu-Hi ¥300
Kirin Free ¥300
Coffee (hot or iced) ¥300
Ice-Cream ¥200

For Female Golfers

Our aim is to make sure all guests, including women and beginners, feel welcome and can enjoy themselves.

We endeavour to create an enjoyable atmosphere for families and groups of friends. Also, we are fully equipped with female showers and changing rooms, providing a high level of cleanliness for our customers.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to the reception or caddie master staff.

We look forward to welcoming all guests.

For Female Golfers

For Female Golfers

For First-Time Visitors

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